Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lucky Spools

I made this little mini quilt for Susanne Woods, founder of Lucky Spool (hence the monogram letters and spools) and someone who really deserves a big thank you from me. That is putting it lightly. The quilt is a tiny little thing. I didn't measure it but I think it was around 10 or 12'' square.

Speaking of Lucky Spool Media, keep an eye on all the great books coming out from them. I'm biased because I contributed to one of them, but seriously, there are amazing titles that will be rolling out. Really amazing.

I got the idea for this quilt when I saw some First of Infinity block letters fabric my wheels started turning about how to do some kind of monogram and knew I wanted to put spools with it.

The blocks of the small letters in the fabric finish to 2'' so I needed a 2'' spool. I made my own paper piecing pattern for it and thought I'd share. They are easy to put together, considering it is a 2'' block made of 12 pieces.

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