Monday, June 23, 2014

Essential Guide to Modern Quiltmaking Blog Tour

I am excited to introduce Lucky Spool’s Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making and tell you a little bit about my chapter.

The coolest thing about this book is that it is not just a project book, although there are killer projects included. It is an education in modern quilting techniques. This book is deep in content. Each contributor has shared their expertise on a subject, like alternate grid work, working with solids or prints, quilting, improv piecing and more. To top it off, there is all the eye candy in the large gallery of modern quilts.

The sheer amount of information and inspiration makes this an essential reference book for any quilter, especially those who enjoy modern quilting or are curious about trying it.

I am thrilled to contribute Chapter 1: Principles of Color. Most of all, I hope the chapter will help you gain confidence in choosing a color scheme, applying colors to your quilt designs and understand color in a way that opens doors to creative expression.

I walk you through my approach to color theory, which might be a bit different than what you have learned. I start out with defining the three most important principles of working with color, then go over how to utilize these principles to your advantage (which doesn’t have as much to do with the color wheel as you may have been taught). Speaking of the color wheel, I don’t even recommend using the traditional red/yellow/blue color wheel. I’ve included a useful troubleshooting guide at the end of my chapter to help you with specific color issues that many quilters experience.

Color Play Quilt Project 

I’ve designed this quilt project to help even a beginning quilter experiment with color principles. I love this quilt for its striking design and simplicity, which creates an ideal framework for changing up the colors. Your color choices will completely alter the mood of the quilt.

Blog tour bonus! 

Here are some examples of other directions you could take the color, to get your wheels turning, along with a free Color Play coloring sheet to download, print and color in.

Special discount

Get the book at 20% off at the Taunton store with the coupon code EGQM20. The discount is good for your entire purchase through July 27.

Visit the other authors, too! 

Check out this amazing list of who is in the book and their chapters. Here is the blog tour schedule:

6/23  //  Chapter 1: Principles of Color  //  Teacher: Kari Vojtechovsky (you are here!)

6/24  //  Chapter 2: Working with Solids  //  Teacher: Alissa Haight Carlton (Handmade by Alissa)

6/25  //  Chapter 3: Working with Prints  //  Teacher: Dan Rouse (Piece and Press)

6/26  //  Chapter 4: Improvisational Patchwork  //  Teacher: Denyse Schmidt (

6/27  //  Chapter 5: The Alternate Grid  //  Teacher: Jacquie Gering (Tallgrass Prairie Studio)

6/30  //  Chapter 6: Circles and Curves  //  Teacher: Cheryl Arkison (Dining Room Empire)

7/01  //  Chapter 7: Paper Piecing  //  Teacher: Penny Layman (Sew Take a Hike)

7/02  //  Chapter 8: Large-Scale Piecing  //  Teacher: Heather Jones (Olive and Ollie)

7/03  //  Chapter 9: Modern Machine Quilting  //  Teacher: Angela Walters (Quilting is My Therapy

7/04  //  Chapter 10: A Study of Modern Quilts  //  Teacher: Heather Grant (Modern Day Quilts)


Aunt Marti said...

Great book and a wonderful contribution to the modern quilting canon. Kari, your color lesson is a must-read for all quilters, modern or traditional!

Angela N. said...

I'm so excited to get my hands on my book. I remember your color presentation. It helped me so much!

Norine @ Five Baht Elephant said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you!
Can't wait to get that book :)

Andres said...

I got my copy this week and I LOVE your chapter. I'm going to recommend it for quilters who are interested in color theory.