Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quilt-a-long setting

I just made this rough sketch and I think it is what I am going to go with for setting the quilt-a-long blocks. I tried a courhouse steps sashing which would be nice too, but I think the pinwheels help unify the whole thing.

Getting my sew on

Not quite caught up for the quilt-a-long, but getting closer!

Monday, January 28, 2008

String of good luck

I've been lucky in the past couple months, winning a few drawings on other blogs. A very belated thank you to Melly and Me, Quilters Buzz, Michael Miller and Sew Mama Sew!!!

A bunch of people got lucky (including me) at Making it Fun from Michael Miller when they pulled an "Oprah" and gave away a bunch of trim. They are debuting their ruffle rac (how cute!) and bias trim (how time-saving!). The colors I got are sky ruffle rac and banana pindot bias trim.


I won a copy of Toffee Apple from Melly and Me. It is a lovely pattern and I am definitely going to make myself a fun spring bag. I've been hoarding some Amy Bulter prints that I think might work great. Melly and Me design fabulous purse and softie/flossie patterns.


For a new year's giveaway, I got lucky to win these beauties, courtesy of Gina and Stephanie at Quilter's Buzz/The Threaded Pear. They are super easy patterns and will definitely help me use up some stash (so I can get more fabric, of course).


Sew Mama Sew is always giving away goodies, and this time I was the lucky one. New fabric to play with is always great!! I didn't have any of these so it was just perfect. Some of them might look great with the Michael Miller trims.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just plain (lucky) me

I really need to do something fun this weekend. Sewing sounds good, although I'm wrestling with finishing up projects instead of starting a new one. I want to start a new one though. :)

On a nice note, I hit a string of good luck on some blog drawings and will post photos when I get some batteries for my camera. Yipee!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Floors!

DH and I gave each other new/refinished hardwood floors for Christmas this year. We had hardwood floors in the kitchen, dining nook and entryway already. The living room and dining room had seafoam green carpeting, and boy was it quality carpet that just won't die. (Stains practically disappear into it...) We were able to freecycle it to a friend who put it into their basement playroom, which felt good since it was in such good shape. NOTE: we did not install that carpet, it was from the previous owners.

The prefinished floors were red oak, stained gunstock. They installed new red oak where there was carpet and refinished the rest. Then it was all stained nutmeg and sealed at the same time. You can't tell at all that it wasn't installed at the same time. They even got rid of the beveled edge from the prefinished floors.


Here is the progress two days later after carpet was ripped up and walls were painted. I know, we got rid of one green only to paint another. But, this time it is a modern fern green.

The contractors came and covered what they could with plastic. It was such an uncomfortable feeling to have everything a mess and covered up with the sheets. DH and I were glad to be able to stay at a friend's house while the work & varnishing was going on.

The new wood (red oak to match the existing)

Ta da! New floors. Trim is in progress. DH is doing that part. It looks white in the photo but it is pine that isn't stained yet (its just resting on the wall). We are in disagreement over the use of a shoe or not. We have to put a shoe in most of the areas where there was hardwood since the previous owners left a huge gap between the wood and the walls. I want it to go everywhere to be consistent. DH doesn't want to do all the work. Normally, we come to agreements easier than with this one. EDIT: we have shoe everywhere. I have the best husband!

The floors really look fabulous. The color is light enough to brighten the space but the dark grain picks up on the dark color of the woodwork in the rest of the house. I can't wait to have the project complete!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nice Holiday Break

I had a really nice holiday break. My husband and I went to Iowa to see my family for a week. We saw nearly everyone. It was very low key. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera!

While there, I taught my Mom how to rotary cut. I was hoping to get a little farther along than that but she has sewn before and should pick it up pretty easily from here. She has fabric, a nice sewing machine and some books but hadn't made the jump to making something yet. Now she has most of the pieces cut out to make a relatively simple table runner. I hope she keeps going with it.

Also, we went on a day trip to the Amana Colonies. Looking for a restroom, we stumbled upon a quilt shop and I got to meet fabric designer Stephanie Brandenburg. She even had the original painting used to create this fabric. It was fun to visit and got me thinking how I would love to design fabric.

My Grandma didn't really react to the quilt I made her. I'm not sure why and it was definitely disappointing. It looked beautiful and it looks great in her bedroom or living room. Even when I've talked to her twice by phone since then she hasn't mentioned it at all. Bummer...

(I didn't blog about it but I had it long arm quilted with a rose pattern and used the solid brown for the binding. Maybe one of my family members has a photo of it they can send me and I'll post it.)