Sunday, June 8, 2014

Forgotten Fabric Challenge

I came across this stack of fabric recently. It is a stack of fabric from approximately 12 years ago. It's definitely not my style now. I'm not sure it ever was, but hopefully you can cut me some slack since the selection of fabrics in quilt shops was quite different 12 years ago. But somehow, SOMEHOW, I could never get rid of it when I culled my stash. (Brutal honesty—I get very attached to my fabric.) I think it is the blue/purple color because I have always loved that color. Somewhere buried in that mottled, metallic, Asian themed mess, there is some potential in this color scheme. Or maybe I've gone batshit crazy. Either way...

Fast forward to now, and I HAD to do something with it. It either had to go or it had to be made into something. Not something throw away, but something that someone would really enjoy and be happy to have. I first tried to give the fabric to a friend but they didn't want it. (enter hilarious laughter, at me, not her). Then I had an "ah-ha" moment when the perfect recipient popped in my mind. Someone who deserves something a little special from me, is very into Eastern medicine and I've seen their massage therapy practice and know this would fit toward their aesthetic. I hope I've read her right, anyway. I'm going for it. I'm even trying to make it look as modern as I can. (Whoa nelly!)

Please, tell me I'm not the only one who has fabric that you just can't get rid of for some reason. Join me in the quest to use that fabric that is sitting around. I've got soooo much more of my stash that needs to see the light of day. Stuff I actually still like a lot more than this stack. It's wasteful and how can I justify getting so many of the new fabrics that I love if I have so much sitting around. It needs to find its perfect home, hopefully made into something but even donated or given to a friend.

Join me on IG @quiltsforthemaking and tag #forgottenfabricchallenge. It will be liberating. I'd love to see what gems are lurking in your stash and what you make with them, so I don't feel alone in this. Seriously, I'm gathering up some prize of some sort for this. Let's say we give ourselves the summer and see what progress can be made. Who's with me?

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