Sunday, October 28, 2007

Free quilt and sewing patterns

I just added a link list for free quilt patterns. There are lots of great ideas and patterns out there!

Speaking of free patterns, I just made some flannel burp cloths from a free pattern. I've got two couples to give gifts to: one had a boy last week and another due with a boy in early December. The pattern was easy to put together. Here is the link. The directions I used were for sewing without a serger, flipping it inside out and topstitching. Make sure to use some sort of orange stick or blunt pointed object to smooth out the seams before ironing.

I did add two things regarding closing up the seam, although it does involve fabric glue. (I'm lazy to do anything by hand). It is much easier to sew the closure shut if you start at the indent in the middle, not at the bottom of one of the ends. Also, if you only sew a 1/4" seam and do a 1/4" topstitch, you willl most likely not sew the opening shut. I opted to use Liquid Stitch to close the opening, which is washable, quick and can't be seen. Purists may want to just use an invisible stich to close the opening.

I also experimented with one side being terrycloth instead of flannel. Maybe my sewing skills are just lacking, but the terrycloth distorts so much that the shape ended up out of whack.

Do all you Moms out there prefer this style of burp cloth or this?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall Swap work in progress

I'm working on this runner for Chara's fall swap. Just the binding to go. I really hope my partner likes it. We'll each have one since I'm making two. It is using fabrics from Acorn Hollow by Kathy Schmidt. Normally, I don't use fabric all from one line, but I first liked the polka dots, then how the rest of it all went together. The pattern is called Fat Quarter Table Runner. I tried fusible fleece instead of my normal batting with spray baste that the pattern called for. That made it a bit puffy so I tried some extra quilting. You might be able to see in the photo that I ripped it out since it made it all get wrinkly. Actaully, it is pretty good with the fusible fleece so I'll leave it. Next time I'll have to try using regular batting and see what works better.

Friday, October 19, 2007

eBay score

I really lucked out with this one. My eBay purchase of 3 whole yards Joel Dewberry fabric for less than $4/yard (including shipping!) arrived today. I can't wait to do something with it. Aqua blue, chocolate brown, pale cocoa... yummy!

I'm going to have to curb my enthusiasm for a moment though, as I've got some other projects I want to finish.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

First post!

I decided to try this blogging thing out. Check back too see more of the quilting, sewing or other crafting projects I'm working on.