Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pin addiction

One of my favorite boards: Quilts!

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of Pinterest by now. I have to say I LOVE it. I'm finding a way to bookmark all my favorite tutorials, project inspiration, recipes, home decor and fun little tidbits of whatever in a way that works for me. Really, the at a glance with the photo is perfect. The networking aspect of it just makes it all the more fun. It is so much better than my list on the right of my blog, which may disappear or move, depending on time and/or willpower. (You know how that is!)

In case anyone is interested, you can find my boards here.

Please let me know in the comments if you have one! It's great to share inspiration!

Also, how do people make those Pinterest collages that link out? I tried to google it but I ended up with boards of photo collages. <<< Edit: so apparently I live in a fantasy world where I *swear* I saw this. I was probably confusing the collage like this from Flickr with the captions sourcing images from Pinterest like this. Thanks, Melissa!


Melissa said...

What do you mean "a pinterest collage that links out"? Do you have an example?
I know how to do a mosaic of images with the HTML links in the comments, is that what you mean? I've only ever seen it done from Flickr, but it might be the same if done from Pinterest, I don't know.
Go to www.bighugelabs.com, and choose the mosaic, and it will step you through the process. You then save your image as a photo, and save the HTML!! and you can post your photo, then post the HTML, and it will list the link to each picture.
Is that what you mean?? :)
I love Pinterest, by the way!!

audreypawdrey said...

I am on pinterest, and I love it. It is a happy time sucking addiction for me!

Kevin & Stephanie said...

I use Springpad...it's attached to my computer, phone and Nook... I LOVE IT!!!!