Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loving the local Modern Quilt Guild!

I had so, so much fun at the FRMQG (Front Range Modern Quilt Guild) meeting tonight. I needed that! Absolutely everyone I have met through the guild has been someone I just truly enjoy to be around.

Tonight was especially a treat because Lisa and Karla of Sweetwater gave a presentation. Yes, THAT Sweetwater! Those gals really know how to design fabric. I have loved their lines and am hoarding a bunch in my stash. Guess what happened when they did a drawing for a copy of their book, Sweetwater's Simple Home? They called out my name! I've had permagrin ever since. I made sure to have both of them sign it. I really hope they don't think I'm a freak because I had "fabric groupie" all over me, gushing over their fabric designs and probably acting like a fool. I really have no gauge whether or not I embarrassed myself. I was on a quilters high. THANK YOU, SWEETWATER!

I have a funny point to share about this quilt. I kind of busted my butt to get the thing quilted and bound because I wanted to share it at show and tell at tonight's meeting. I was looking forward to having something to share all day. (Yes, I know I'm a dork.) I was so bummed to find that I'd left it at home in my rush to get out the door in the morning--halfway through my morning commute to work. I called my hubby (who  thankfully works the same place but was driving separately) to see if he was still home. Unfortunately he wasn't, but he did swing back by home and brought it to work for me. What an awesome guy! Then at the meeting, Melissa was hurrying as fast as she could to get through it all before Sweetwater spoke. The show and tell started, but time was out right as it was my turn. I didn't even get to share my quilts. Oh well! At least I'm prepared for next time.

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Melissa said...

I'm SO SORRY Kari!! I feel so bad for everyone who didn't get to do their show-and-tell. I really didn't expect everyone to leap out of their seats after the Sweetwater ladies finished speaking and rush to their sale table. I totally didn't see that coming. :-( If I had, believe me, I would have done things differently! And it's not just you I feel bad for, I feel bad because loads of people didn't get to share! :-(
...one of these days maybe I'll get the balance right...