Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How did you start quilting?

This post reminded me of how I got my start in quilting. I directly have APQ to thank for getting me into quilting. I freelanced for them right out of college and they let me borrow one of the loaner sewing machines. I didn't follow a pattern or look at the manual, but I just dove in. This quilt is the result.

My first quilt! The technique could be better but I like it anyway.

Seeing the photo of the design wall brings back good memories! The publication I worked on was Century of Quilts, a history of Meredith Corp.'s influence in the quilting world with projects from various time periods. The photo is of my tattered copy, but I've kept a couple pristine copies tucked away. I was a junior-level designer on it, just so no one thinks they would hire a recent college grad to do all the design work on a magazine. Going into the archives was fun--seeing all the beautiful, old covers.

Most of the staff that was there is no longer around. At the time, Melissa Gansen Beauchamp was the art director, Heidi Kaisand was the editor, and Diane Yanney did a lot of the writing. Jennifer Keltner was there, but I didn't work with her as closely. Many other freelancers were part of the team and in particular, I remember sitting in on a meeting with Susan Price Miller about historic quilts and fabric. I would be surprised if any of them remember me as I was there all of 3 months, but it made a bigger impact on me than they would probably expect. It was a great experience for my career as a graphic designer, but I think it made even more impact on who I am by inspiring me to start quilting.

I had it professionally quilted. I still can't stipple that well!

How did you start quilting?

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