Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun HST quilt for a recent grad

I made this quilt as a gift to the daughter of some of our closest friends. She just graduated high school so I sized this to fit on a twin xl dorm bed, if she likes it enough to want it for her bed.

I took a layer cake I was given at Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad!) plus some extras from my stash and made a bunch of HST. I added a few random solids instead of the green for a few of them to liven it up. I'm glad I went with that itty bitty printed green instead of a solid because it adds a nice texture.

It was quilted in a baptist fan design by Susan Santistevan. She did a great job and it works well with the kind of funky vintage mod vibe of the fabrics.

Fabric: most of a layer cake of Felicity by Robert Kaufman, random stuff from my stash and the green is Patrick Lose Mixmasters Dot-to-Dot.

Quilted by: Susan Santistevan

Size: 63'' x 90''


Debbie said...

Very pretty! Nothing quite like an HST quilt!

kimberlier said...

Love the green color! It's perfect for a new dorm room to make it feel more like home.