Thursday, May 5, 2011

Retro apron fun

These aprons might be addicting. I'm already making another one for myself and giving this to a friend. It's a wee bit small on me. Not horribly, but just a little. I don't want to feel like a fat guy in a little coat so I'm making another for myself but just a little larger. (I'm a size 12, fyi... did I just admit that publicly??)

Those fabrics look made for each other

Fun knot detail

Pattern: Retro Fun: Vintage Style Apron free pattern from Sew4Home (with seriously easy to understand directions and lots of photos)

Fabrics: Hoodie’s Collection Vegetable Patch Tomatoes and DS Quilts Picnic Pink and Red Dots, ecru bias tape

Notes: I just sewed on the straps instead of making button holes, and tacked down in front of the knot so it lays down better.

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Jamie said...

This apron is also very cute! I love the little knots!