Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coming up empty handed

I'm a little bummed that my fabric design wasn't in the top 75 for the Project Selvage contest. There are some prints that I liked that didn't make the cut either, so in some sense I'm in good company. Oh well. At least I put it out there and it was a good exercise. My background is not in illustration or surface/pattern design, but I am a graphic designer. I would like to pursue fabric design still. OK... enough of my pity party.

Go vote for your favorite out the terrific designs here! There really are some fantastic choices.


Lee said...

Mine didn't make it either! I have the same background as you, and I still would love to pursue fabric design as well. So I'm right there with ya, sister.

I'm actually a little disappointed in some of the designs that were chosen. They're all great from an illustrative/design standpoint, but do we really need more owl fabric? Really??? : )

Meredith {My Magic Mom} said...

I didn't make it either, so I can join your party. :) I figure there's always next time!