Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bee Sewcial: February

February is my month on the Bee Sewcial bee. This is my first bee (ever!) and I'm so glad I had Stephanie to help lead the way with January.

I am looking forward to getting to know these fellow quilters as we create together, and will stretch my creativity and skills making blocks for them. The block I made for Stephanie had me improv piecing curved shards which is not a shape I've ever used and it was fun. I recommend following along on the process and progress on IG #beesewcial tag and/or our blogs. It is a huge honor to participate with these talented ladies!

January - Stephanie
February - Kari
March - Melissa
April - Diane
May - Marci
June - Debbie
July - Latifah
September - Hillary
October - Felicity
November - Leanne

Here is what I'd like from my fellow bee-mates…

Poster Blocks

I'm showing my graphic design roots and would like you to make what I'm calling a poster block that will finish to 10'' x 16'' (10 1/2'' x 16 1/2'' unfinished, or bigger so I can trim it down). Using this Pinterest board as inspiration, create a bold, graphic block that breaks free from traditional quilt block grids and uses simplified geometric shapes to create a dynamic and interesting composition. Simple and striking is better than overly complicated, so depending on your desire and comfort level on drafting the blocks, I'm totally ok with super simple geometric shapes. They don't have to look like my samples above, but those are examples of the style I am trying to describe.

I would like the block to have a single solid, bright color background. (More on the color palette is below.)

I'm ok with improv elements, but with structure. Whatever technique you use, make the design bold.

Color Palette

I'm not looking for any perfect match so I don't have Kona colors to go from, but use this print by Inaluxe as a guide. I love the hot reds, corals and pinks with the muted mint, aqua and mustard, with dove gray, cream and black.

Ready, Set… Go!

Here is a 10x16 grid to use to help you plan, if you find that helpful. No need to feel tied to it though!

I wish I had time to sew up one (or a few!) poster blocks but for now I'll be sewing along with you. Those images above are my sketches. I am looking forward to seeing what you create! Ask me any questions!


Anonymous said...

Oh sister you are speaking my language! Can't wait! (Did you know this is my first quilting bee too?! What an honor to be paired with you all). My wheels are already spinning


Ps. my blog is wordpress and I've been too lazy to make a fake blogger acct so i will come up as a no reply blogger. I'm not ignoring you. said...

This will be a fun month. I already have ideas spinning in my head

Debbie said...

Offhand, this is really intriguing to me. I love these blocks!

Leanne said...

This looks like fun. I love all the inspiration ideas.

Spontaneous Threads said...

I'm done with my family clothes sewing so you are next!! Love the color palette.

Marci Girl said...

I LOVE what you have chosen to do this month, I already have my block decided on, I'll post a sketch on Instagram soon!

Marci Girl said...

I LOVE what you have chosen to do this month, I already have my block decided on, I'll post a sketch on Instagram soon!

Latifah said...

I'm perpetually late but, I'm doing mine tomorrow! Love this concept!