Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nature's Notebook Scrap Bag quilt

This quilt is so new that it is still in the dryer as I write this post. (I'm looking forward to seeing it all crinkled up.) I had two Moda scrap bags—strips leftover from their production of precuts—of Nature's Notebook by April Cornell and some coordinating yardage. I got the hair-brained idea to make a quilt for my sister in law and brother in law on Wednesday and here it is finished on Sunday, in time to give it to them tomorrow. It was one of those moments where I had to just try and see if it would happen. I lucked out that it did!

2 1/2" finished strips, 1 1/2" finished sashing

backing fabric

it's nearly a queen size!

I started with the vaguest of plans to sew the scrapbag strips together in sets of 8, cut them and sew them together into 3 stacked coin strips, separated by white solid and set into the medium blue print. I had the perfect amount of backing fabric stashed away and enough of the medium blue print for binding. To top it off, the wonderful Deb Geissler had just the time to get the longarm quilting done in a day, with a small rush fee. It was some seriously good quilting karma.

It is a really pretty quilt and has cheerful colors. I really hope they will like it!

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