Thursday, September 23, 2010

Perfect day

So far today is just one of those days that is perfectly enjoyable--and I haven't even left the house. My daughter, who is almost two, has a lot to do with it. We pretended we were animals, read books, she watched just enough Sesame Street so I could finish piecing the back for my Halloween quilt, we ate a fun but yummy lunch of waffles topped with blackberry jam and vanilla yogurt, and she just went down easily for a nap. Later, we'll drop off the quilt to the longarmer Deb and make a stop at a park.

Quilt top is ready to go and kitty approved. :)

The Halloween quilt is going to be so cute! I'm not sure how to tackle the ric rac so that it doesn't pucker the fabric though. I followed the pattern directions to just sew down the center but felt it wasn't finished looking. I then sewed down all the edges using my free-motion foot. It went pretty quickly and overall looks better. I hope the quilter can give it a little tension on her frame to straighten it out. I'll use cotton batting to make it all shrink and crinkle. Hopefully that effect will mask the slight pucker it gave the fabric and the ric rac is poly (but feels like cotton) so it won't shrink. On the previous quilt I made with ric rac, it was sewn on after the quilting and was only on a small baby-sized quilt so I didn't sew it all down.

Any tips on quilting with ric rac?

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