Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boy Oh Boy

Maple Star Chain
Another quilt finish! I'm on a roll, 3 quilts finished in less than 30 days. This quilt goes to Czech Republic also, to be given to my nephew. It's really late because he's almost a year and a half but, in my defense, it is hard to get quilts over there as I don't trust the post office and we also had a daughter a few months before they did so was very busy.

I just love the fabric! The pattern is fun too with alternating Maple Star and Star Chain blocks, with no need for sashing. I like the way the two blocks complement each other and create movement in the quilt. I fussy cut the fabric for the center of the Star Chain blocks so there were different dots in each one. It works as an I Spy quilt too.

Maple Star block
Star Chain block
The quilting is simple as I'm still not comfortable with my free motion quilting skills. The binding was double fold bias tape so I just sewed it on with a zig zag. In hind sight, the variegated thread makes the binding look lumpy. Oh well, it's still cute.

The Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy fabric is so cute!
Backing fabric

Size: ~40"x40"

Pattern: Maple Star Chain from Time-Crunch Quilts by Nancy J. Martin (minus the outside border)

Fabric: Lakehouse Boy Oh Boy line, Moda Marbles, Moda Tiddleywinks, green from Andover, and a couple misc. prints. The binding was some bias tape by the yard I had picked up ages ago.  

Thread: King Tut variegated

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Shellie said...

hi Kari!

saw this on FLICKR and it is just too sweet! your nephew is a lucky little man.