Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've tagged myself

Heather Mulder Peterson has offered up her newest book to the first 5 people who tag themselves. I willingly signed up! I've always been a fan of her patterns and color combos and can't wait to see Stop, Drop and Roll.

Here are 6 or 7 random facts about me:

1. I also played softball in high school. I wasn't that great but our team overall was excellent for our league. I was an outfielder, mostly left field. Never broke a bat though.

2. Speaking of sports, I also have varsity letters in track (the thought of me sprinting around a track makes me want to laugh now), basketball and football cheerleading (is this a sport? maybe not). I was on the volleyball team my freshman year and only after that switched to cheerleading. Mostly, I miss the fabulous legs I had then.

3. My six month old daughter has already been on 3 continents. I actually highly recommend traveling with them at this age. They can't walk or crawl and can sleep in the stroller. I'm typing this from Prague, where I'm living for a couple of months. I know, lucky me! It's for DH's work.

4. I went to the coolest quilt/craft convention ever in Melbourne, Australia. It is called The Stitches & Craft Show. It was so worth getting soaking wet in the rain to get in. (It was raining cats & dogs!) There were fabulous supplies, including some indie fabric screenprinters, spectacular classes which I'm still disappointed that I didn't take, beautiful quilts on display, lectures, and other inspiring goodies. We totally have to copy this concept in the US. I will make a future blog post about it when I get home in June.

5. Until I was in college, I had only been in 4 states, no further west than Des Moines and no further east than Dixon, IL. We took annual vacations to northern Minnesota which I loved. My parents don't travel a lot, which is a total understatement.

6. My secret dream (ok not so secret now) is to design fabric. I think I could do it. I'm obsessed with pattern and color. Will I ever have the courage to pursue it, even if it goes nowhere?

7. I'm realizing how much I thrive in a structured schedule even though I don't think of myself that way. Somehow I find it comforting and reassuring. Go figure!

I don't know who to tag. I like that Heather did it voluntarily, so I'll do it that way too. I feel a bit uncomfortable that I might be imposing otherwise. Let me know if you want to share! I would love to hear from you!!

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