Monday, December 17, 2007

Working hard, falling behind and here comes '08

Right now my house is in a huge state of chaos. But, we are getting hardwood floors! DH and I are giving that to each other as a Christmas present. I'll have to post photos later, of a before and after. Its going to be quite dramatic.

On other fronts, I have fallen behind. The Sonnet quilt is not getting completed before Christmas. I would have needed to sew on it all weekend to finish, and instead moved furniture, removed carpeting, painted, etc. to get ready for the flooring folks, who come today.

I do have some handmade gifts though: a quilt for my Grandma, 2 Swarovski crystal bracelets (one for Mom, one for SIL), and two Christmas pillow covers for a Great Aunt and Great Uncle.

My quilting goals to finish in '08:
-Sonnet quilt (started)
-Brother's graduation quilt (started)
-DH's Christmas stocking (started)
-My Christmas stocking
-tree skirt
-quilt for friend's baby, gender unknown, due in April
-quilted tote bag for Steph (started)